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Exceeding Standards of Care

Your satisfaction is our goal.

At CovenantCare Home Health and Hospice, we are confident that you and your loved ones will come to the same conclusion of our overjoyed customers and families we have helped throughout the years. They have been and still are an invaluable part of our home care delivery. CovenantCare Home Health and Hospice encourages customers and their families to share stories of the quality care they have received. Read these reassuring and inspiring customer stories about the success behind our quality outcomes. 

Patient Stories

“They were wonderful. They were friendly and always caring- like friends who knew a lot about my care.”  

Our round-the-clock care means you and your family decide the capacity of care you need. Does your family need 24/7 care? Or would a split shift better suit their lifestyle? Our leadership team will work with you to find the best option.

“Our family experienced first-hand the benefits of a full-service home health and hospice agency. Our beloved father became very ill, very quickly. He was discharged to home hospice. But, in only a couple of days, it became clear that he (and, more importantly, our mother) needed the benefits of continuous care. The hospice agency that the hospital recommended did NOT offer continuous care – and we found ourselves scrambling to find a caregiver to provide much-needed relief for our mother. The leadership team at CovenantCare Home Health and Hospice really came through with help finding a licensed caregiver near our home who was ready to join our family in whatever capacity we chose. All of this took place in less than two hours, thanks to the leadership of the local branch office. If your family experiences a critical illness, there is no better option than continuous care with CovenantCare Home Health and Hospice. Not only is their clinical care excellent, their service, responsiveness, and care for the whole family is unparalleled. God bless CovenantCare Home Health and Hospice– their mission lives in their care.” 

Introducing at-home care can be a sudden and stressful decision. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you and your loved ones and provide the reassurance you need that you’re making the right choice.

“Last September, we celebrated Dad’s 95th birthday. Though he had been slowing down, no one would have guessed that in a little more than six months he would be in a steady decline. By late winter, it became apparent that we were beyond our ability to manage Dad’s care. Circumstances were taking their toll on us, on Dad’s comfort and his sense of security. Upon advice, we turned to CovenantCare Home Health and Hospice. The friendly and attentive social worker, chaplain, nurses and CNAs helped us assess the situation & offered guidance in choosing how to proceed. The results were immediate, with effective responses to Dad’s physical and personal needs. Covenant’s hospice caregivers provided daily medical assessments as well as twice daily help with Dad’s physical and personal needs. Their warm, competent and confident presence did wonders for his comfort. They also provided reassurance for us. Our days were anchored by their visits, our spirits were boosted by their presence and willing availability whenever there was a need. It is impossible to imagine how we could have managed without them. In addition to support for Dad’s needs, the presence and work of our CovenantCare Home Health and Hospice helpers was a gift as we accompanied Dad in his last days.” 

Awards and Accreditations

At CovenantCare Home Health and Hospice, the comfort you and your family experience is our real accomplishment. Our award-winning care represents that success, and our agencies always comply with the regulations and licensure requirements in their respective states.

CHAP Certification

When indicated, CovenantCare Home Health and Hospice voluntarily seeks Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) accreditation for its agencies. This federal, home health accreditation is desirable in states that no longer conduct accreditation surveys. 

Medicare Certification

Our agencies are Medicare certified and licensed by the states in which they do business. In order to achieve these benchmarks, we establish operations and care policies to ensure successful certification and quality care for all patients at all times.

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