Comfort, Compassion, Care

Find peace of mind and unwavering support from our companions.

CovenantCare Hospice (Hospice of CovenantCare) provides Medicare-certified Hospice Service when a physician determines that a patient’s life-limiting disease warrants comforting – not curative – care. The care may be supplemented with Personal Support Services (homemaker services, respite care, companionship) that provide added peace of mind for families and their loved ones. CovenantCare at Home connects you to experts who possess both the compassion of a family member and the training and objective opinion of a health care professional. You don’t have to conduct an emergency search for a provider, use someone you don’t know, or acquaint yet another provider with your needs. You can use the provider you know and trust.

From palliative care to managing therapy, we provide peace, support and guidance for customers and their families alike. The goal is to make you feel comfortable in your home for as long as possible.

Hospice Locations: